But it looks so much better

Even people can be swept under the rug if Broome has the room:

The state Senate is opening an investigation into the de Blasio administration’s exporting of New York City homeless families to other parts of the state, The [New York] Post has learned.

It was discovered last week that the city is paying a year’s rent to encourage the homeless to ditch the Big Apple’s homeless shelters for apartments upstate.

Senate Investigations Committee Chairman Terrence Murphy (R-Hudson Valley) told The Post on Sunday that he’s opening a probe and will hold a public hearing on the matter after being briefed by an infuriated state Sen. Fred Akshar, who represents the city of Binghamton and Broome County, where the homeless are being shipped by the city.

Apparently Bill de Blasio was not acting sub rosa:

Broome County welfare officials found out about the families when they came into the Social Services office to apply for other benefits but not rental subsidies. They were told New York City had already taken care of their rent.

On one level, this seems almost generous: a year’s rent almost anywhere in New York state will run into five figures. Peter Grant, though, finds it “despicable”:

Not only is NYC pretending to “solve” the problem by shipping it away, but they’re ignoring the crime and other problems that the homeless frequently bring with them. They’re dumping all that on other communities without so much as a “by your leave,” and will do nothing to pay the cost of alleviating or eliminating it from those towns. Goes to show … when you’re the “biggest brother” in a state run by a Big Brother government, you can get away with almost anything, at the expense of “smaller brothers.”

Indeed. Who knows what Chicago has sneaked past Springfield all these years?


  1. McGehee »

    14 March 2018 · 8:42 pm

    The assumption that the State of Illinois isn’t an accomplice in Chicago’s perfidy, may be unfounded.

  2. Roger O Green »

    15 March 2018 · 8:48 am

    It’s morally problematic indeed.
    Having been to my hometown last year, I can say that Binghamton rents are WAY less than NYC, and there have been quite a few vacant buildings in the Parlor City.

  3. Holly H »

    15 March 2018 · 3:13 pm

    The recipient cities probably would’ve been fine with it, if they had gotten a taste too. Some kind of payment for taking on the new guests. The basic idea seems sensible, for a reasonable level of compensation, to cover ALL the costs of taking on homeless tenants.

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    30 March 2018 · 7:48 am

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