Drones before they were drones

Either way, the operative word is “drones”:

Like an episode out of Black Mirror, Walmart has filed a patent [pdf] for autonomous robotic bees, technically called pollination drones, that could potentially pollinate crops just like real bees.

The drones would carry pollen from one plant to another, using sensors and cameras to detect the locations of the crops.

First spotted by CB Insights, the robot bee patent appears along five other patents for farming drones, including one that would identify pests and another that would monitor crop health.

I wonder what it would be like to have a robotic bee. Or half a bee.

While Walmart’s exact goal for these patents is unclear, they may signal that the company hopes to venture into agriculture and gain more control over its food supply chain.

And if there’s one thing important to major corporations, it’s gaining more control.

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  1. Holly H »

    19 March 2018 · 8:50 am

    First, Big Agro-business will finish killing off the real bees. Then, of course, we will all be forced to LOVE the robotic version because we’ll have no choice. But I’m sure gonna miss those adorable, hard-working little gals.

    Things like this make me glad I have no grand-kids.

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