Strange search-engine queries (634)

What, this again? Yes, this again. We’ve done this every Monday morning for several years now, and the premise remains the same: we look at the search terms that brought people to this site, and we hope they’re at least slightly amusing.

In 2004 Congress passed a corporate tax relief bill with 276 Provisions for tax breaks to groups:  276? Is that all? Who was taking the week off?  It’s Russian for “Bing.”  It’s Chinese for “Bing.”

sitting on fence until butt hurt:  Judging by social media, it’s the people not sitting on the fence that feel most of the butthurt.

1987 mazda 626 how to check oil level in manual transmission:  What kind of jackhole keeps a car running for 30 years without once looking in the manual?

where is the vent connection on a cd4e transmission?  Where are you, and why aren’t you at a transmission shop?

civil engineering sign a contract to sell a capital for 900 and receive payment in 5 years time. if the machine cost 600 and the interest rate is 10 percent:  Just imagine how much it would be if they weren’t civil.

topttyenhamsoundmusic:  They don’t play it at your local space bar.

It Was SEX Favorite Bimbo Woman With Ample Boobs And Does Not Suit A Small System Delicate! Mommy:  There is, you know, such a thing as being too specfic.

loss leaders randy newman:  Who is this, a tall person?

bill gaines don martin mad facebook:  These days, everybody’s mad at that furshlugginer Facebook.

and marching on the little we had:  Well, it is March, for a few more days anyway.


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    26 March 2018 · 5:06 pm

    […] Dustbury: Strange Search Engine Queries, also, Simply Undeflatable […]

  2. Dan T. »

    26 March 2018 · 7:05 pm

    The hills are alive with topttyenhamsoundmusic. Or at least Charles G. Hill is.

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