Still unromantic?

The last time we looked in on Indian actress Amyra Dastur, back in the fall of ’15, we reported that she thought herself to be “the most unromantic person you’ll meet.” It certainly doesn’t stop her from taking roles in films like this:

And it’s not like her to dress as though she doesn’t want to be noticed, either:

Amyra Dashtur does the yoga thing

Amyra Dashtur does the breakfast thing

Amyra Dashtur does wallpaper

That film, Manasuku Nachindi, opened in February to, let us say, not the kindest reviews. This one in IMDb was absolutely savage. The Times of India was less so, but still not pleased:

Manasaku Nachindi is one of the most visually appealing Telugu films that has released in a long time. The locales shown in the film are simply spectacular and the director amplifies the beauty of nature in a delightful manner. But while the visuals are terrific, the script is a haphazard mess.

Picture this, the lead protagonists run away because they don’t want to get married to each other. But they decide to live together and discover what they want. Except, it’s not a live-in relationship with the intent of getting to know each other. They want to live together but pursue other men and women. One minute, Nithya {Dastur] calls a guy “cute”, gets drunk with him and then tells him that she likes him. The next minute, she kisses Suraj [Sundeep Kishen] (in an another drunken misadventure) and then they forget about it and move on. But when Suraj goes missing, Nithya magically realizes that she cannot spend a waking moment without him.

That lack of romanticism kicking in, I guess. Then again, a daytime TV show asked her — she’s twenty-four — “At what age did you lose your virginity?”

Amyra replied: “Who said I lost it?”

That calls for a Pepsi.

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