Before the primaries

The official filing period for the mid-term elections runs from Wednesday through Friday, and candidates must fork over the appropriate filing fee (no cash, no personal checks) when filing. For the state Senate, it’s $800. (Or it’s $750, depending on which page at the State Election Board you happen to hit.)

There is an alternative:

In lieu of a filing fee, a petition supporting the candidacy signed by not fewer than two percent (2%) of the number of registered voters in the appropriate district or in the state, as applicable for the office sought, may be submitted with the Declaration of Candidacy.

And with that in mind, two young ladies showed up at my door Sunday — well, it was fricking cold on Saturday — to collect signatures for just such a petition for Danielle Ezell, seeking the District 40 Senate seat currently held by Erwin Yen. Ezell, I was told, was trying to avoid the need to find donors before the filing period. She’ll need 840 signatures (two percent of 42,019) to pull this off. (District population, as of the 2010 Census, was 71,882.)

“Have you seen what’s going on at the Capitol?”

I allowed that I had.

“What do you think?”

“A lot of incumbents are going to be sent packing,” I said.

They seemed pleased with that response. I signed their petition, and they went on their way. Later, I checked Ezell’s Web site, and for some reason it was down, though it turned out that her Web host was reporting an outage at the time. As of this writing, it’s up and running.

The candidate herself weighed in:

Seems legit.


  1. fillyjonk »

    9 April 2018 · 6:36 pm

    ““A lot of incumbents are going to be sent packing,” I said.”

    From your mouth to God’s ear.

  2. Roger O Green »

    10 April 2018 · 11:18 am

    $800? That kinda sucks.

  3. CGHill »

    10 April 2018 · 2:40 pm

    The state’s hard up for revenue, and raising fees yields up better optics than raising taxes.

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