Not at all a matriarchy

But it’s obvious who’s pulling the strings:

I am having a house built, and I was amused by the emphasis put on countertops, cabinet door styles, and water faucet designs. Meanwhile, I asked about the actual materials used in the construction of the cabinets, and the local design center workers looked at me like I was insane. People would routinely spend $10,000 on trendy cabinet doors, never once caring that the boxes and end panels were cheap particle board. I asked for plywood end panels, and according to them, I was the first they had ever met there to request this. It took them two weeks just to find pricing on it (it wasn’t bad). But that just shows you that even when you build a house, the target demographic is female. Everything is about style, trendiness, etc… A man comes in, and asks structural questions, and everybody has to look up the answers because who gives a damn if the cabinet boxes fall apart when they get wet — but everybody needs a name brand quartz countertop with some fancy cabinet door made of imported wood from … wherever.

Then again, 96 million households receive HGTV; somewhere around a hundred and thirty-four men actually watch it, and half of them are hoping to learn how to flip.

Even something like the traditionally male space of fast cars ultimately caters more to women. Most people don’t buy Ferraris because they are Italian automobile enthusiasts, they buy them to signal wealth to cater to the desires of women. Pleasing women is at the core of our society, it’s embedded in everything. You don’t see a campaign to buy your man beer, to give him plenty of his favorite sexual favors, or any of that. And if he asks, it’s probably sexist or woman-hating. Maybe it’s even rape.

And now you know why both Maserati and Lamborghini are selling sport-utility vehicles. It ain’t because the Mister needs a place to stash his tackle box.


  1. fillyjonk »

    10 April 2018 · 6:22 pm

    I’m a woman.

    And if I were building a house from scratch, I’d damnsure want the best quality MATERIALS. Screw “style.” I want something I don’t have to replace in three years. Because that is a freaking PITA.

    Though then again, married or otherwise-coupled women, maybe they don’t have to WORRY about whether the plumber or painter or cabinet maker is going to show up on time and do the job he was hired for, because they have a man to run interference for them.

    I have Formica countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. They have to be at least 20 years old and they might even be 30. I don’t care. They work, they don’t need special cleaning techniques, and they’re a funky salmon pink that I love because it’s so different. I will keep them as long as I live here or as long as they’re not totally broken. Because I like stuff that lasts.

    But it’s also like the stupid cheap “home accessories” and junk sold at places like Hobby Lobby – the EXPECTATION is that you put it out with your trash in six months, so it’s made of the cheapest stuff with the worst techniques, and woe unto anyone who is frugal and wants something that lasts, or who doesn’t have the energy or desire to totally “makeover” their house on a regular basis.

    (I have a similar rant about “fast fashion.”)

  2. jsallison »

    10 April 2018 · 8:02 pm

    If I ever have a house built, it starts with a full basement/storm cellar equipped to act as a stand alone apartment just in case a rogue F-whatever scrapes off everything above the basement. Would also insist on full diagrams of all the mechanicals annotated with the who what when where why and hows. For style, something combining Marriott Residence Inn and Army day room, simple, functional, rugged. I’m sure wife-unit will do her bit to tart it up but as long as the bones are sound, I’mna good with that.

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