The First Merch of Equestria

Now this is enthusiasm:

About the time this video hit half a million views, Twilight Sparkle took matters into her own hooves:

“You know all about this, don’t you?”

You bet I do.


  1. fillyjonk »

    11 April 2018 · 3:27 pm


    I remember being young enough to get that excited over stuff…

  2. CGHill »

    11 April 2018 · 6:46 pm

    I did rather an embarrassing amount of fangirling over this, um, display.

  3. In The Mailbox: 04.11.18 : The Other McCain »

    11 April 2018 · 6:55 pm

    […] Dustbury: The First Merch Of Equestria […]

  4. fillyjonk »

    12 April 2018 · 9:08 am

    My niece was super-duper excited over her new soccer cleats the other night. I wish that kind of thing could be bottled and sold to adults.

  5. nightfly »

    12 April 2018 · 4:03 pm

    When Star Wars (the first one) was released at the local second-run theater back home, I saw the marquee and squealed about it so loudly from the back seat that my parents nearly caused a multi-car pileup. Part of me really smiled a lot about Juliana’s unfettered joy here. Besides, I have nieces and they are no doubt quite excited as well.

  6. jsallison »

    12 April 2018 · 9:50 pm

    Granddaughter has gone on full-squee alert over ponies quite a bit. Then she moved on to the Equestria Girls, where I lost the trail… I presume they’re related to ponies, somehow.

  7. CGHill »

    13 April 2018 · 6:03 pm

    Humanoid equivalents, if perhaps a little too thin to be believed.

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