Live, except when it’s not

I don’t think I could explain it to this bozo: How to watch Coachella live stream in west coast time from the east coast? Compensate for the three-hour difference? Not good enough:

I wanna watch but I don’t wanna stay up til 3 am as a beginning set time meaning I would go to bed at like 4 am, it’s just impractical, is there any way to watch the live stream in California time without the east coast time lag? Can I just change the IP address to a California one? Will people be streaming it via periscope or anywhere else?

This would work if someone sent a delayed feed — but then it isn’t exactly live, is it? Otherwise, he’s gonna need a time machine.


  1. Roger O Green »

    16 April 2018 · 10:00 am

    Sometimes people just are… ill-informed?

  2. fillyjonk »

    16 April 2018 · 11:07 am

    I still don’t understanding what he’s asking for, other than that it sounds impossible.

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