Strange search-engine queries (637)

They keep telling me it’s been springtime for three weeks now, but you can’t prove it by the weather map. So I’m already plenty chilled, which should not stop me from poking around in the search strings one more time.

how do working in demio gear box:  And howdy right back atcha.

bayou boys gone wild:  Named him after a man of the cloth, called him Amos Moses.

buy liverwurst:  Over the Internet? Better pay extra for faster shipping.

slitherhub:  That new dating service for politicians.

zeroths law:  Formerly the Fourth Law, but moved up several spaces.

manchester evening news death announcements:  Well, that certainly cast a pall over the proceedings.

young jailbait selfie & webcam collection:  How old is old jailbait, anyway?

foolish rebecca black:  Aw, she’s not so dumb. Still can’t stand that “Saturday” song, though.

ashkenazi jewish iq:  Aw, they’re not so dumb. Still can’t stand that klezmer song, though.

1936 carlotta drive concord ca:  Not for sale. Then again, anything can happen in California.

pat boone discography:  Don’t have one handy. Isn’t that a shame?

rpm croquet mallets:  We pride ourselves on having mallets toward none.


  1. Holly H »

    16 April 2018 · 8:22 am

    slitherhub ha ha!

  2. In The Mailbox: 04.18.18 : The Other McCain »

    18 April 2018 · 9:02 pm

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