They fear me so

“Why, they don’t even dare to oppose me on the ballot!” — rather a lot of incumbents

The following Senators drew no opposition during last week’s filing period:

  1. Darcy A. Kech, 60, Kingfisher (R)
  2. J. J. Dossett, 34, Sperry (D)

Only two out of 24 seats unchallenged? Better than usual.

Meanwhile, of all 101 House seats:

  1. Johnny Tadlock, 54, Idabel (D)
  2. Emily Virgin, 31, Norman (D)
  3. Marcus McEntire, 44, Duncan (R)
  4. Brad Boles, 34, Marlow (R)
  5. Charles L. Ortega, 62, Altus (R)
  6. Carl Newton, 62, Cherokee (R)
  7. Mike Sander, 42, Kingfisher (R)
  8. Regina Goodwin, 55, Tulsa (D)
  9. Collin Walke, 35, Oklahoma City (D)
  10. Jason Dunnington, 40, Oklahoma City (D)
  11. Shane Stone, 25, Oklahoma City (D)
  12. Forrest Bennett, 28, Oklahoma City (D)
  13. Mickey Dollens, 30, Oklahoma City (D)
  14. Jason Lowe, 44, Oklahoma City (D)

Fourteen out of 101. It could be worse.

Perhaps the most sought-after seat is House District 82 in Edmond, being vacated by Kevin Calvey (R) due to term limits. (Calvey, resisting the idea of getting a Real Job after twelve years, is going after the soon-to-be-vacant County Commissioner District 3 seat, held for now by Ray Vaughn.) A dozen Republcans — and one lone Democrat — have filed for 82. Says that lone Democrat:

So there.

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  1. McGehee »

    16 April 2018 · 12:47 pm

    Having choices in an election:

    What a waste of taxpayer money.

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