A heart most ancient

Peter Grant’s music roundup yesterday spent some time on British singer/songwriter Tanita Tikaram and her biggest hit, the mysterious-sounding “Twist in My Sobriety”. Says Grant of this 1988 song:

I think it reflects her eclectic mixture of genetic and cultural heritage, which has endowed her with a secular sort of mysticism that’s sometimes impenetrable, but definitely appealing.

Ancient Heart, the album who made her world-(semi)-famous, never got into the American Top 50, and subsequent recordings drew fewer buyers. Still, it was a gem. “Twist” was her second single; the first, “Good Tradition,” sounds like it might be happier if you could figure out what the heck she was talking about:

From her 2016 album Closer to the People, the song “The Way You Move”:

It’s a love song. (I think.)

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