And while we’re all judicial and everything

Christine Sullivan was the public defender in seasons three through nine of Night Court. Marjorie Armstrong “Markie” Post made this role something more than merely memorable, and it wasn’t because she was easy on the eyes:

Markie Post stretches a point

Markie Post looks the other way

Markie Post on the red carpet

Although, yeah, it helped at times:

The man writing the check is Pat Corley.

From her later Hearts Afire series, with the late John Ritter:

Most recently, Markie appeared on Chicago P.D. as the mom of Detective Lindsay (Sophia Bush).


  1. Roger Green »

    17 April 2018 · 10:47 pm

    Weird. Though I remember Selma and Flo as bailiffs before the Marsha Warfield character., I zero recollection of any of the PDs before Markie Post

  2. CGHill »

    17 April 2018 · 11:13 pm

    I recall Ellen Foley fairly well, mainly because she’s on the Meat Loaf single, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” (Although it’s Karla de Vito in the video, she’s lip-syncing to Foley’s vocals.)

    I can barely recall Paula Kelly (season one).

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