Funny familiar forgotten feelings

Rob O’Hara reminisces about his best friend in grade school, and this line jumped out at me:

Both of us had crushes on Brandi Salsman, the hottest girl in 2nd grade.

Actually, what really jumped out at me was the fact that he posted a link to her present-day MySpace page.

I know nothing about the object of my first crush, except that she was married at 18 and remarried at 31, and the only reason I know this is because these facts are mentioned on two of the bazillion family-tree pages on the Web. (It helped that her first name was spelled in a non-canonical fashion, simplifying Googlage; the only other mention of her, under her birth name anyway, is on this very site.)

Had I any sense, I’d have dropped this train of thought right there, but no: I had to run a MySpace search on my major high-school crush. Worse, I think I found her: the name is right, the age is right, the location is right. Fortunately, it’s a dead page: she set it up a couple of years ago for whatever reason and then left it lying fallow, with only Tom to keep her company.

Before you ask: no, there’s no reason she should want to hear from me. She got married after college, and among other things, she’s been bringing up three very lovely girls. (More of that RootsWeb stuff.) I am no more relevant to her existence than is the French and Indian War. Still, I can see the lolcat poking his nose in: I CAN HAS CURIOSITY? And we all know how that wound up.

(Title borrowed from Mickey Newbury.)

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  1. GreenCanary »

    29 October 2007 · 2:57 pm

    Ah, web stalking… It is a wonderful pasttime. It is through web stalking that I discovered the secret blog of an ex-boyfriend and read about everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – that happened in his life from the time he broke up with me to the time he discovered I was stalking him. (Took him long enough… I got a lot of dirt. A LOT. None of it relevant to my life but it was fun to read regardless.)

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