When my preferred Shell station abandoned the brand, I started hitting up Circle K stores, most often the one at NW 39th and Penn. One thing has been consistent: the 50-cent gap between unleaded regular and V-Power.

Wednesday I noticed I was lower on fuelstuffs than I’d expected, and I pulled into the EZ Mart on the way home. (Wednesday, weatherwise, had the unpleasant feel of a day in early February.) The Mart, which for years has eschewed ethanol, was 50 cents higher for regular than the nearest Circle K. Weirdly, though, the premium for Premium was a mere 30 cents.

If this means anything, I’m not quite sure what it is, although Circle K has been closing some of its stores lately.


  1. McGehee »

    27 April 2018 · 7:36 am

    I’ve been here so long that the one and only Circle K Shell in our area — which was a garden variety Shell for at least ten years after we arrived — still seems “new.”

    While I suppose it could become uncircled, or un-K’d, or both, I’d be very surprised if it ceased to be a Shell station anytime soon. It and the Chevron across the street are the only two stations, of four at that interchange, that have never switched gasoline brands.

  2. Holly H »

    27 April 2018 · 8:14 am

    I don’t have any Circle K’s nearby, but I stay loyal to the anti-ethanol stations. Ethanol is a Big Corn scam, and it’s bad for our cars and for our planet. Last year I was in Dallas and decided to hold out for a non-ethanol station, and was shocked to find that there ARE no such places in the DFW area. Totally sold out to the Monster.

  3. CGHill »

    27 April 2018 · 4:14 pm

    The proper place for ethanol, I believe, is in a shot glass.

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