Meanwhile at the back end

Dullsville, man:

I figured out why I don’t do any web programming: it’s not that interesting, at least not from a puzzle solving point of view. Putting up a web page mostly involves displaying a bunch of data. You might also want to collect some data from the user which you will pack up and send to the host, but it’s all pretty straightforward. Now it might get a bit gnarly when you have to interact with complex data base system residing on the server, but that’s mostly a matter of minding your p’q and q’s in the protocol you use. Once you have a web page up, things could get a little complicated, but it takes a bit of work to get to that point.

Out here in the Land of WordPress, we have a little game we hate to play called “What Just Broke?” Sooner or later, something will break, and we have to be prepared, even if the best we can do is to draft a plaintive email to our host. It gets more complicated as you add functionality; rare is the tech type who won’t stare at you in disbelief when you list all nine plugins you have running at the same time.

What? Me? I have, um, twenty-six plugins. One of them does nothing more than list the other 25. Makes for some, shall we say, interesting debugging sessions.

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