She does not shrink

This is one heck of a way to make your feature film debut:

Poster for American Violet, 2008

Nicole Beharie’s first role was deadly serious: she played a single mom in Texas whom the local district attorney was anxious to put away on drug charges, despite a complete lack of evidence against her. The film industry was put on notice: you need a fairly young African-American woman who can handle roles both fierce and frivolous, this is the name to know. If you saw 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic, you saw Nicole as Rachel, Jackie’s wife; if you watched Sleepy Hollow, sort of based on the old Washington Irving story, you saw Nicole as Abbie Mills, Sheriff’s Lieutenant.

Nicole Beharie is not quite up against a wall

Nicole Beharie against a stormy backdrop

Nicole Beharie against another stormy backdrop

We will not be responsible if you start dreaming about her.

And while she primarily studied drama at Julliard, she also can sing:

In that 2013 film, My Last Day Without You, she sings that song and four others.

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