This goes for you rich dudes too

Lamborghini made a total of 40 Centenarios, a limited-edition supercar with a price tag in the general neighborhood of $2 million. And all 40 of them have a safety issue, kinda sorta:

According to the NTSB filing, initially spotted by CarScoops, all 40 of the limited edition cars have been mistakenly slapped with labels that give the wrong gross vehicle weight rating. That’s it.

The recall, which affects 11 Centenarios residing in the United States, states that an “overloaded vehicle may increase the risk of suspension or tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Got that, guys? You may not want to haul drywall in the Lambo, at least not without weighing it.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    8 May 2018 · 5:51 pm

    Oh crikey. I can see one of them justifying his “NO FAT CHIX” bumper sticker that way

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