Long memories

From the looks of it. this appeared some time in the 1970s:

Lola Falana for Hanes hosiery

Which prompts this distant but indelible memory:

[H]ottie singer/actress (and lately serious evangelist) Lola Falana was doing the Tonight Show one evening and Johnny Carson was speaking the name as she pronounced it to him, trippingly on the tongue. “Lo-la fa-LA-na,” he intoned. “What is the origin of that name, anyway?”

With a perfectly straight face, she said, “It’s Swahili for ‘Debbie’.”

The Great Carsoni nearly fell over.

As did I.

Lola Falana on an invisible ledge

Lola Falana in a large chair

Lola Falana in mid-jump

Recently I stumbled across this 1981 automotive ad:

Debbie Lola turns 76 this year; she retired from showbiz back in the late 1990s.

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