Strange search-engine queries (641)

You’ll be pleased to know that no one who showed up here in the logs yesterday was Googling (or worse, Binging) for “your mom.”

Okay, I didn’t check Baidu. I was busy, okay?

ls swap mazda 626 forum australia:  Just what you need in a smallish Japanese sedan: a small-block Chevy mill.

yellow dog design jelly beans step in harness:  Somehow I am made uneasy by the proximity of “yellow dog” and “step in.”

pertinent in legalese:  That’s the trouble with legalese: you can’t always tell what’s pertinent.

a scheer litho lovely playmate:  If the Playmate is wearing something, I hope it’s scheer.

faster then my balloot:  Is this a pumped-up Canuck?

gf-4eat 3-2 down shift solenoid function:  If you have to ask, it’s probably not functioning.

porno mamo klack alman:  Not the maker of Alman Joy.

viola davis bow legged:  Maybe so, but damn nice legs just the same.

goliath promotions lptv:  From before David rocked his world.

what does a transmission pump look like for a 96 ford contour:  Trust me, you don’t want to go poking around in there.

last supper parody:  Try this one: have it at Taco Bell.

dastbury:  How dast you spell it that way?

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