Netflix and jail

File this Netflix-cancellation question under “grounded until the day you die”:

so i put in a email that isn’t my registrated apple id email. i am a very bad person because i went in my moms wallet and stole her credit card info because i knew i will cancel it before it started charging the account. so i looked for the subscription in my account on settings and it wasn’t there. i have been trying to find out a way to cancel it. i don’t know if i did it correct but i, logged in to my account with my apple id and put my moms credit card info on that one bc that is one that ik i can cancel. then i logged into the account that i can’t cancel and signed out.

will this stop the subscription?

Were this my mom, kid’s never going to see another screen in his life, except the kind that’s used for mosquito netting.


  1. fillyjonk »

    15 May 2018 · 2:22 pm

    Either I was much more terrified of my parents than kids today are, or I was much less creative at coming up with ways to be bad. (The biggest, most regular trouble I got into was for getting my clothes muddy)

  2. McGehee »

    15 May 2018 · 3:24 pm

    I learned early on that if I was going to infuriate someone with bad behavior, it should be someone who doesn’t know where I live.

    And my parents kept finding out where I lived, so…

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    15 May 2018 · 9:28 pm

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