Wonso lovely

Pamela Tiffin Wonso was born right here in the OKC in 1942, but she grew up in Chicago, minus her last name, where she found work as a teenage model, and a random trip to L.A. got her noticed by producer Hal Wallis. She never really hit it big, though; her last major American role was in the 1966 thriller Harper, after which she relocated to Italy. In the middle 1970s she retired to family life, and was seldom seen thereafter.

Pamela Tiffin gets some dramatic lighting

Pamela Tiffin stretches a bit

Pamela Tiffin in a promo for The Lively Set

In this clip from Harper, she and Paul Newman go for a ride:

Does she look like she could be, say, Lauren Bacall’s stepdaughter?

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