Little lady Surfrajettes

CoverTwo weeks ago, I said something about the Surfrajettes, closing with a mention of their three-song EP, obtained from Hi-Tide Records of Freehold, New Jersey, itself rather glee-inducing since (1) I have a friend — we go back almost two decades — in Freehold, New Jersey and (2) the band is from Toronto, which suggests more than local fame.

If $6 seems a tad on the high side for three songs totaling a little over six minutes, well, it’s not like I never put out two bucks for a single before. (Surf music tends to be short and sweet anyway: perhaps the definitive surf instrumental, “Pipeline” by the Chantays, checks in, per the label, at a mere 2:12.) And it’s a real, pressed CD with a proper label; none of this CD-R stuff.

For your listening and wiping-out pleasure, here’s a live version of track 1, “Cha Cha Heels.”

It wanders all the way out to 2:30 or so.

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