Cheeses crust

It was a very rough day, what with the usual Friday folderol at work, the necessity of picking up next week’s groceries, and the heat being sufficient to blow Gwendolyn’s temp gauge past its usual 45-percent-of-range reading (though never out of range). In anticipation of the latter incidents, and mindful that I’d probably overspent the last couple of months, I dialed up Papa John from the workplace — I was in no mood to cook, and they don’t deliver out in the sticks anyway — and determined that a large pie with three or more toppings would cost 25 of Papa’s reward points. I hadn’t been keeping count, but I figured I’d polished off enough pizza to have rolled up thirty points or more. Not being entirely sure, though, I decided to wait to order until I got home and could check my standing myself.

One hundred forty-eight points. By any reasonable reckoning this was a hell of a lot of pizza.

Now if I can just figure out to do with my Bing Rewards (53,030 points). I’m sure they’re not redeemable for pizza.

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