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Misinformed Quora user pontificates: Why are there no laws to ban car dash cams? It is a breach of my rights to be recorded without permission.

He got shot down quickly enough:

It is not a breach of your rights for someone to record video of you in a public space. You have no right to privacy on a city street, therefore anyone may take a picture of you or video of you without your permission and they do not have to erase the picture or video of you taken in a public space with or without your permission if you ask them to.

You do realize that your picture or video is taken by CCTV security cameras an average of 75 times a day in the US? That is, if you live in a city and aren’t a total recluse. Pretty much every cash register has a video camera that is recording. The gas pump has a camera. Walmart has cameras everywhere, except the bathrooms. The streets have cameras. Even your neighbor might have a camera. Cop cars have dash cams.

Now this answer is US-oriented, though you have to figure that if the questioner is a Brit, he’s several times more likely to be within range of some sort of security cam at any given moment.

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  1. hhunter »

    22 May 2018 · 8:21 am

    …and just wait until the robo-bees come into play (Walmart has just taken out a patent on them). It’s hard to believe they wouldn’t conveniently add cameras to those too.

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