Jain lightning

She was born Jeanne Galice in Toulouse, but the world knows her as Jain, a nominally French singer/songwriter who is perhaps better shelved under the vague term “world music,” mostly because she did a lot of that obligatory growing-up stuff a long way from France: Dubai, the Republic of the Congo, and then Abu Dhabi, before returning home and making a career out of all these decidedly unFrench sounds she’d heard.

Jain in concert in 2015

Still from Makeba by Jain

Jain strikes a slightly surreal pose

Jain stretches a bit

Jain’s first single, “Come,” aided by a largely surreal music video, made Number One in France, selling about a quarter-million copies, and made noises elsewhere in Europe; the follow-up, “Makeba,” an ode to Miriam Makeba, made more serious sounds and presented more wacky visuals. She began to sell records in Canada and the States. The deeply silly “Dynabeat” might have been my favorite pop tune of 2017.

Yesterday there appeared the not-especially-grammatical “Alright,” along with a loud-looking lyric video. As is Jain’s wont, it’s highly danceable and not enormously cerebral:

She doesn’t really sound like a Frenchwoman in her middle twenties, and maybe that’s the whole idea.

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