Late last night

This needs no explanation:

Most of the tweets related to this incident have been scrubbed, though this item from last week now seems a whole lot more despairing:

We all know how she landed in the slammer, and it’s not something I’d consider the least bir praiseworthy. But I’ll be double damned and pickled in brine before I tell someone to jump off the ledge. I’ve been too close to that myself.

The book, at this writing, remains open.


  1. The Brickmuppet »

    29 May 2018 · 6:21 am

    Thank You.

    I find Manning reprehensible on multiple levels, but anyone urging someone to jump is pretty much worse.

    Manning’s undergone surgical procedures that have a high rate of suicide amongst their many other side effects.

    And as you point out, she’s only 30.
    (That’s like 13 in millennial years)

  2. McGehee »

    29 May 2018 · 9:08 am

    If Manning had enough judgment to think about consequences beyond. “Will it make everyone notice me right in this moment?” he/she might have a chance of becoming more than a pest.

  3. hhunter »

    29 May 2018 · 9:38 am

    Thanks for trying to help. Agreed, Manning has issues, but that’s no reason for vicious responses to her crisis.

  4. CGHill »

    29 May 2018 · 9:55 pm

    Further thoughts from McGehee:

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