My phone is dumb

And it’s just about the only one left, too:

Smartphone market reaches saturation

Part of a nearly-300-page report for Kleiner Perkins by Mary Meeker [pdf], this suggests that the market for those “smart” phones is just about saturated.

And apparently Apple has done with the iPhone what it did with the Mac: claimed a small but persistent percentage of the market. Some folks simply won’t switch no matter what the competition comes up with.

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  1. McGehee »

    31 May 2018 · 3:07 pm

    I’ve had my phone for just about two years now, and it was already pretty dry behind the ears when I got it. In the past I probably would have replaced it by now, but the new ones that get Android updates more or less right away cost north of $800, and waiting for those updates to a cheaper phone until hackers have already had a year to find vulnerabilities in them, doesn’t sit right with me.

    So, I’m holding off until the next generation, which comes out in October — along with a new generation of Android my current phone will never get. If I’m not alone in waiting, that may be an answer to the growth plateau.

  2. L. Beau Macaroni »

    31 May 2018 · 3:14 pm

    The grin on my face is there b/c there is place on that graph for “Windows phone” sales or user base.

    I know that Apple has some anti-fans out there, who like to point out that Apple products aren’t always as stellar as their sales pitchmen or fanbase might claim. But, the failure of Windows Phone is a nice little reminder that one needs an acceptably decent product to compete in most industries, and that a well-funded marking machine isn’t always enough to do the trick.

  3. L. Beau Macaroni »

    31 May 2018 · 3:20 pm

    To be clear: I was implying that the iPhone is a decent product. I carry an iPhone SE myself. Heaven only knows the next time that Apple will release another phone in the size which I prefer (4-inch screen on the iPhone SE – it fits right in your pocket!) So I got OtterBox protection for my pocket phone, since it may have to last me for a few years!

  4. Mike »

    31 May 2018 · 5:03 pm

    Some years back I bought an Android phone, and was given an iPhone for work. I liked the Android, but the iPhone seemed so much easier to use, when it came time to trade it in, I went with an iPhone for my personal use as well. I’m surprised that Android has the lion’s share of the market.

  5. McGehee »

    31 May 2018 · 6:06 pm

    I started out with a dumbphone, and had two more over the next few years — and then I got an iPod Touch, which resulted in Mrs. McG and me getting iPhones.

    I think I stuck with that iPhone longer than I’ve stuck with any one of my Android phones, at least so far, but there were things about iOS that I didn’t like, so I got — at this point I don’t remember if it was the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet first, or the Nexus 4 phone, but I found I liked Android better.

    Mrs. McG is on her third iPhone, which I gave her last Christmas. I also gave her her iPad. I tried to lure her into trying Android but she prefers to save her learning-curve investments for more consequential matters.

    Given a choice, I won’t use an iPhone again, but that’s just me. As for “lion’s share,” it’s worth bearing in mind that most Android smartphones are less expensive than iPhones, — even when carriers still give big discounts for new phones when you sign a new contract. But I try to avoid even considering that, now.

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    31 May 2018 · 11:30 pm

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  7. Matthew W »

    1 June 2018 · 7:03 am

    Kind of odd that here at work, all of our IT folk have Androids.
    Yes, Crapple mostly thrives on hype and rumors and a core of elitist users.

  8. CGHill »

    1 June 2018 · 5:44 pm

    I am actually considering an iPhone SE. (The price one pays for living 1.3 miles from an Apple store, I suppose.)

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