Tomorrow, right on schedule

At first, I thought she was a relative of Brazilian organist Walter Wanderley, who came up with the zippy “Summer Samba” in 1966. But no: Wanderléa Charlup Boere Salim, seventy-two today, is a singer, and while she could do the bossa nova with the best of them, she hung around long enough to become an institution.

Wanderlea's first album, from 1963

Wanderlea on stage

Wanderlea takes it easy

Her biggest hit, “Ternura” (“Somehow it got to be tomorrow”), was blown up to motion-picture size (Juventude e Ternura, 1968). It’s lovely, but elsewhere they worked in her song “Foi assim” (“It is so”), which comes closer to being a favorite in these parts.


  1. Dan Patterson »

    6 June 2018 · 8:22 am

    Delightful and a previously unheard gem.

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    12 June 2018 · 2:52 am

    […] Babe is Hazel Brooks, and Sex in Advertising is covered by Miranda Kerr. At Dustbury, it’s Wanderlea and Barbara. Thanks to everyone for the luscious linkagery! Visit Amazon’s Intimate Apparel […]

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