Not exactly wing-tips

MICHAEL Panama Oxford by MIchael KorsFetiche just bought a pair of these, and I figured I’d give the rest of the resident shoe critics a chance to look them over. This oxford is called “Panama,” it’s by Michael Kors, and I liked the detailing on it, hinting at somewhere between the classic spectator pump and the sort of old-school wing-tip things out-of-touch shlubs like me wear to the Jersey Shore. The crinkly leather is a nice touch: makes it seem a tad less stiff without going too far into the realm of the flexy. You can’t see it at this angle, but there’s a little hardware logo at the top of the heel, for the benefit of those who simply have to know where these shoes came from. (I used to cringe at such things, but inasmuch as rather a lot of my shoes have large slanted Ns on them, I feel I have no right to complain.) I can’t help but think this might be nicer in a slightly lower heel — say, three inches instead of four and a half — but then I’m not the target market for this shoe by any means. Zappos will sell you these in grey, chocolate or black for $132.95.

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