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The Scott Pruitt stories just keep getting weirder:

Even before his Senate confirmation, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt mulled running the EPA at least part-time from his hometown of Tulsa, seeking office space there, emails show.

Pruitt ultimately dropped that plan, the EPA told members of Congress in a letter dated June 19.

“Although the EPA staff did explore whether office space was available in Tulsa, this possibility was ultimately abandoned,” Troy Lyons, associate EPA administrator, said in a letter to members of the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

House Democrats were unsurprisingly not keen on this idea:

“Establishing a new EPA office in Tulsa may be personally convenient for you, but it seems ethically questionable, professionally unnecessary, and financially unjustified,” House Democrats wrote in a letter to Pruitt in May.

And the agency itself, it appears, had some qualms:

“‘gifted’ or ‘donated’ space could be an optics issue. We can investigate other Federal agencies with office space in Tulsa, or even Congressional space in Tulsa, such as Sen. Inhofe’s district office, but I didn’t want to wave that flag yet. Again, optics. But let me know,” [an] EPA staffer wrote.

Another issue was that the EPA did not want the cost of the new office space to show up as a line item in a congressional bill.

Now there’s the bureaucracy we know and love.

Actually, I like the idea of decentralizing the government generally, but I concede that it would complicate Congressional oversight, in the event that Congress actually wants to oversee anything.


  1. fillyjonk »

    24 June 2018 · 9:08 pm

    Honestly, the news in general just keeps getting weirder; I have a distinct fear that we’ve somehow been warped into an alternate universe that is being storyboarded by The Onion. Or someone divided by zero somewhere and we just haven’t heard the giant sucking sound (as we’re pulled into the drain) yet.

  2. hollyh »

    25 June 2018 · 8:34 am

    Yes, I am newly aghast, every few days. Today’s weird news on the radio: Those kids who were taken away from their parents, may or may NOT ever get reunited. Astoundingly, our government separates these families, without even so much as a written receipt. The parents are instead given a 1-800 number to “try”. This level of incompetence (or deliberate racism?) is astonishing.

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