She’s not an addict

She can quit any time. Maybe. Here are the approved Belhoste warnings for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle, and for gosh sakes, take them seriously:

  • Warning: this game is extremely addictive; don’t start playing if you have ANYTHING else to do for the rest of the day, week, month, year …
  • Warning: extended game play will result in sore wrists, fingers, feet, and necks.
  • Warning: playing this game with friends may result in fits of laughter (i.e. ROFLMAO).
  • Warning: 10+ hours of game play before bed WILL result in unusually strange dreams.
  • Warning: long time game play will result in seeing wavy lines and colorful dots every time you close your eyes (for at least an hour).
  • Warning: use of this product can be beneficial to your hand eye coordination.
  • Warning: extended product use may result in impromptu air guitar sessions.
  • Warning: prolonged game play may result in critiquing of radio songs for difficulty on a Guitar Hero playing scale.
  • Warning: repeated attempts to successfully complete songs will result in having the song permanently stuck in your head.

Some day, perhaps, they will come up with a “Hero” package appropriate to my talents, or the complete and utter lack thereof. (No, this isn’t it.)


  1. unimpressed »

    7 November 2007 · 2:27 pm

    That is a bit extreme, but it really is a fun game (or series).

    BTW, I am browsing/posting from a Blackjack phone.

  2. belhoste »

    15 November 2007 · 8:40 pm

    I have seen the light

    My new obsession with Guitar Hero III is no big secret around here. There have even been some who thought it might be a bit of an addiction.

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