Strange search-engine queries (649)

What we have here, in case you hadn’t seen it before, is a sampling of search strings which eventually lead to this site, assuming the searcher dug down a bit but not a whole lot. (Normally, ten pages of results will be about as much as anyone is willing to persevere.)

As the four winners of the grade-school spelling bee posed for a picture, each was recollecting over:  where the heck they find words like “eleemosynary.”

james lileks lingerie:  Far as I know, he doesn’t wear such things.

lookin like a fool with your plants on the ground:  Sorry, can’t get ’em to grow in the air.

ford f250 buzzer goes off when you go faster than 76 mph:  It’s Ford’s way of telling you you’re entering the Five Miles Per Gallon Zone.

pantyhose heel dipping of asian stewartess:  No wonder you made such a fuss about getting an aisle seat.

2002 saab 9-3 problem oil light comes on after driving it for 10-20 miles is it sludge related?  Usually, if the oil light comes on, you have more immediate issues than mere sludge buildup.

archie veronica enema:  This is one of Reggie’s tricks, isn’t it?

“walks around the house naked”:  I can imagine Veronica doing that, though maybe not Betty.

niece/booth gunfight 1906 guymon okla:  What, did someone see her walking around the house naked?

borsalino hat california:  According to legend, someone got shot while wearing nothing but the hat.

when he thinks about you less:  I dunno. Have you tried walking around the house in just a hat?

“blue headstone”:  Figure on an extra $600 in the funeral bill.

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