Strange search-engine queries (650)

Do people become crazy from the heat? You can’t really tell from the search strings; if anything, you’re likely to conclude that they’re crazy all year, irrespective of temperature.

liam payne chenine lozano midnight memories def leppard copyright infringement:  Why do I get the feeling I’ve heard this before?

google ad wrods:  Be careful not to misspell any of those wrods.

margaret trudeau no panties:  That was years ago, and so far as I know it had nothing to do with son Justin.

rule34 nancy pelosi:  Please don’t go there.

the penis clone replica will be incredibly detailed all tiny lines and bumps:  And you waste all that technology fantasizing about Nancy Pelosi.

black bikinis on lads and cars pics:  Most of the lads I know do the one-piece thing almost exclusively.

bad glasses prescription affect short term memory:  What was that … that thing I just saw?

fourteen year old nudist girl:  I knew one once. You couldn’t have handled her.

its not the transmission:  Well, thank your lucky stars.

roche diagnostics getting rid of insulin pump business:  Considering how much they’re asking for insulin these days, it should be no surprise.

i’m not a criminal i bounced one check:  We’ll let the district attorney be the judge of that.

grendel opry:  Man, you should have heard Beowulf on the talking steel guitar.


  1. McGehee »

    16 July 2018 · 9:13 am

    Well, I certainly couldn’t have handled her — not if I wanted to stay out of jail.

  2. CGHill »

    16 July 2018 · 5:33 pm

    Yeah, they do have rules about that sort of thing. (You can’t spell “jailbait” without “jail.”)

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    16 July 2018 · 9:21 pm

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