O 4tuna

Roberta X considers a new used truck:

Tam says it’s a Toyota Hilux in a party dress: the Toyota 4Runner.

Looking for Lexus RX-series crossover/SUVs and vehicles like them landed me on a 4Runner, one with the manufacturer’s better interior — leather seats and all! — and I can pay cash. Runs well, looks good, drives nice. Predictably, it’s not as luxurious as the Lexus; on the other hand, it’s a little bit more serious, with all-wheel drive and a built-in receiver for a trailer hitch. (I’m not expecting to do much trailering, but better to have it an not need it than the opposite!) Interior room is about the same, ride is slightly more truck-like and the climate controls appear to have been designed by Martians. (The RX300 spoiled me, with clever controls that could be auto’d, set to a desired temperature, and ignored from then on.)

Never underestimate the value of “I can pay cash.”

And the 4Runner is renowned for being sturdy: a 2016 survey suggested that 5.2 percent of all vehicles with over 200,000 miles were 4Runners.

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