More spotted dick, please

Traditional English desserts are in serious decline, says Emalyse:

The lure of spotted dick, sticky toffee pudding, jam roly-poly and similar dinner table dessert traditions has greatly diminished in the UK with each of us statistically only likely to indulge ourselves but once a year.

Premier foods, owners of that staple accompaniment to puddings, Bird’s custard, is so worried about our health conscious habits eroding their sales that they’re approaching MP’s in order to ask them to get hot puddings reinstated on menus in hospitals, schools, prisons and government offices.

Of course, if they’re not eating their meat — but never mind, you saw that coming.


  1. Jeffro »

    7 November 2007 · 8:41 pm

    I find myself comfortably numb on this issue.

  2. Victory Soap v 2.0 »

    8 November 2007 · 7:53 pm

    Oh, to be in England

    NOOOOOOOOOO–! England without sticky, creamy, cholesterol-laden desserts isn’t England, it’s — Epcot. Wait — they have sticky, creamy, cholesterol-laden desserts at Epcot. Don’t they?

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