The Power of Blogdom (Part 2,423)

The lovely Sarah D. Bunting of Tomato Nation, in an effort to spike contributions to Donors Choose, offered, among various incentives, this:

$40,000 for me to don a tomato costume and do a dance in Rockefeller Plaza.

Total raised: over $100,000.

As promised:

If you’re thinking “Didn’t Angela Chase do this at some part of her so-called life?” you are quite correct. (And Claire Danes kicked in $7500, which would be icing on the cake if you could make cake out of tomatoes, which I suppose you could but I don’t even want to imagine what it might be like.)

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  1. Rena »

    7 November 2007 · 6:12 pm

    Actually, that suit looks like it’s from Rayanne’s closet. ;-)

    PS. The MSCL DVDs rock. Under $50 at Amazon, y’all!

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