Sightly sidewalls

I admit to never noticing things like this:

The PS4s tire is visually appealing with Michelin’s Premium Touch, a velvet like texture, patterned on the sidewall. The standard PS4s has the darker texture outlining the Bib graphic & Michelin name and a small checkered flag pattern following the “Pilot Sport 4 s” designation. It creates a nice dark black on black contrast. There is a limited edition version available that incorporates the Premium Touch around the entire face of the tire. A nice option for those who want to stand out and perform. This new aesthetic feature will also be found on Michelin’s Sport Cup 2 tires. Fun fact: as the tire gets older and the smooth surfaces typically fade, Premium Touch areas will remain a dark black, creating even more contrast.

I suppose I’ve dismissed these considerations on the basis of “Who’s gonna see this at 60 miles per hour?” But they aren’t moving 60 mph in the store, and let’s face it, tire stores have not traditionally worried about aesthetic considerations. Maybe this is changing.

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