At least they’re consistent

The story is always the same. Only the locations change:

A Chipotle restaurant in Ohio has reopened as officials investigate reports of illnesses linked to the location.

The Delaware General Health District says it can’t confirm anything until lab tests are back. But Traci Whittaker, a spokeswoman for the health district says it has received dozens of calls from people reporting illnesses since Sunday, with many mentioning they ate at the Chipotle in Powell, Ohio.

I’m betting Jack Baruth is not one of them.

In a statement, Chipotle says it closed the store Monday “out of an abundance of caution” and that it’s cooperating with local health authorities. It said it implemented its food-safety-response protocols, which include replacing the food and a cleaning of the restaurant.

The closure comes as Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. works to recover from a series of food scares that sent sales plunging.

This quip landed in one of my social-media timelines: “You can’t spell ‘Chipotle’ without E. coli.”


  1. bart simpsonson »

    5 August 2018 · 5:29 pm

    Mexico and Mexicans–that be the problem. If muslims picked produce, I would add them to the blamegame, given their toilet protocols. Or lack thereof…….not that there aren’t PLENTY of bottom feeding dirty Americans making their contributions. Have you been to Walmart lately?

  2. CGHill »

    5 August 2018 · 5:32 pm

    Presumably this happens at the source, then, and not at the individual store.

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