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The Campbell Soup Company is still a behemoth, but staying that way requires more and more work:

I’m inclined to trace the bad times to Campbell’s 1995 acquisition of Pace Foods, makers of a picamte sauce that’s not made in New York City. God forbid anyone should find out that Campbell’s is based in Camden, New Jersey.


  1. fillyjonk »

    3 August 2018 · 7:50 pm

    Gen X here (so NO ONE cares what I do or do not like) but I’ve not eaten Campbell’s in years because:

    – celery allergy (it is in every soup of theirs I’ve looked at)
    – they’re salt-bombs, and I have to limit soup.

    The condensed idea is a good one for saving of space and transport costs, but the soups specifically have to be off the menu for me.

    But it would be sad if it disappeared altogether.

    (I’m guessing a lot of their problems stem from being overextended and having glommed onto too many brands that aren’t in their main wheelhouse)

  2. McGehee »

    3 August 2018 · 10:25 pm

    What you got against Pace? Where I grew up, picante sauce was a beverage.

    Before they banned it for being a cultural appropriation…

  3. jsallison »

    4 August 2018 · 8:47 am

    Their basic tomato and chicken noodle soups more than tripling in price in the last few years wouldn’t have a thing to do with it. 2-3 years ago they were both available for .50/can.

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