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Cristina visited Venice this past spring, and it was even more amazing than usual:

Although it was rainy, the drastic amounts of water in the evenings, paired with the high tide made for some unforgettable experiences. Which ones, you ask? Well, at around 5pm, the water levels start to rise, and rise so much that the streets become rivers & Piazza San Marco immersed with water!

And if you’re travelling with a younger child, you (and your own inner child!) will have too much fun splashing in the water filled streets in the evenings.

I better save this before my own inner child sees it. And hey, what happens to a shoe blogger when the streets are flooded?

Of course, if you’re not wearing waterproof boots, then you’re going to have much less fun. But fret not, there are a plethora of small shops selling rubber rain boots (for a fair 6-10 Euro) as well as plastic shoe/boot covers that will literally save your soles from the water!

You have to figure that the Venetians, having put up with this for many centuries, would have to have some sort of solution at hand.

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  1. hollyh »

    10 August 2018 · 8:26 am

    I admire the spirit of someone who describes this as “fun”

    To me, unexpected moisture is never fun.

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