Strange search-engine queries (655)

By now, we’re past the dog days of summer, but some of us, remembering the terriers of our youth, keep on digging for the few, the funny, the least-explicable search terms that bring people to this site, or at least to within sight of this site.

Cody buys a soda that offers another soda free if he is lucky. The cap reads ‘1 in 6 wins!’, meaning:  When he doesn’t win, he buys a whole six-pack.

buy toyota save japan:  What happens if we buy Fiat Chrysler?

gougery sung:  This is the division of Samsung that sets prices on cell phones.

abcd goldfish:  Prototype for One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

how to have a polite political discussion:  Set your time machine for A.D. 1817.

how to drive a automatic 3 stroke:  Three-stroke? And I thought rotary engines were weird.

taylor yogurt machine rebuild:  Soft-serve is so hard to clean up after.

how to bury bad press:  Contrive to have something worse happen.

the path of least assistance:  Proposed standard for smaller government, assuming there were such a thing as smaller government.

slut asked for it:  Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that, pal.

no pleasure in life living with an incurable disease xanax overdose:  Dial 1-800-273-8255.

Who said, “I couldn’t possibly fail to disagree with you less”?  I did. See? It’s right there on the sidebar.

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