Deep irrelevancy

Now and again, Fleet Street gets a case of the sillies, and none of their ructions in recent times were sillier than the presumably Brexit-inspired question of whether UK Prime Minister Theresa May or First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon had nicer legs.

No, seriously. I mean, the Daily Mail went this far:

May’s famously long extremities are demurely arranged in her customary finishing-school stance — knees tightly together, calves at a flattering diagonal, feet neatly aligned. It’s a studied pose that reminds us that for all her confidence, she is ever the vicar’s daughter, always respectful and anxious not to put a foot wrong.

Sturgeon’s shorter but undeniably more shapely shanks are altogether more flirty, tantalisingly crossed, with the dominant leg pointing towards her audience. It’s a direct attempt at seduction: her stiletto is not quite dangling off her foot, but it could be. “Come, succumb to my revolutionary allure,” she seems to be saying. “You know you want to.”

This sort of discourse is unheard of here in the colonies; otherwise, we’d be halfway through President Palin’s first term by now. But that’s a fantasy for another time. For now, we’ll look at Nicola Sturgeon presumably looking “flirty.”

Nicola Sturgeon in brown

Nicola Sturgeon in blue

Nicola Sturgeon in brown

Nicola Sturgeon in red

There is even, Lord help us, video:

You couldn’t prove it by me, or by those three minutes of video snippets, but I’m sure the First Minister actually owns a pair of flats.


  1. fillyjonk »

    4 September 2018 · 7:13 am

    1. I would note it’s the Daily Mail, which has a bit of a reputation in some circles.

    2. This kind of BS is why more women don’t run for office. And why I worry every morning as I pull a dress out of the closet: too short? Too fitted? I tend to err on the side of dowdiness.

    I suppose I could just wear pantsuits all the time, but that might cause other comment, because you can’t win.

  2. hollyh »

    4 September 2018 · 10:13 am

    I do blame the Daily Mail for such petty nonsense. But…these ladies feed the beast, by wearing the expected “feminine attire”. They would do well to switch to pants and flats, which can be carried off well (Elizabeth Warren), or poorly (Hillary, and her “librarian from outer space” selection).

  3. The Other McCain »

    10 September 2018 · 9:52 am

    Rule 5 Sunday: Happy Birthday, Kelsey Chow!

    At Dustbury, it’s Nicola Sturgeon and Marguerite Chapman.

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