Strange search-engine queries (658)

This weekly feature is based on a simple premise: there are people sitting in front of their computers looking for stuff, and sometimes that stuff is kind of weird.

does porn make you stupid:  No, but it assumes you probably are.

what rhymes with gosh:  All sorts of bosh.

in this clip, we see 13-month-old felana trying to climb up the wrong end of a slide repeatedly:  It would be many years before she would become a Senator.

the elder statesman hats:  Surprisingly, they don’t look like anyone’s genitalia.

lucerne driver’s seat molding cracked:  All we know from this is that somewhere there’s a Buick owner with a fat ass.

“oklahoma journal” newspaper 1992 july 10th:  Good luck with that. The Journal closed down in 1980.

we be looky to buy home in alexandria in egypt:  Good luck with that. What was left of the library closed down in 391.

dakota fanning’s panty and bra pics:  Yeah, it wouldn’t be Monday without someone looking for some rude celebrity pictures.

how do movie stunt cars burn rubber:  They use trained professionals, the sort that, well, aren’t you.

200 lb leopard vs 120 lb wrestler:  The wrestler gets his face eaten.

macho grande:  I would have thought you’d have gotten over that by now.

i think you need a beer:  I think you may be right.


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