Back up that train once more

Yes, it’s true:

Thursday (Sept. 13) the “Love and Happiness” singer released his first single in a decade, a cover of Freddy Fender’s “Before the Next Teardrop Falls.” The single, a part of Amazon’s original series Produced By, was issued exclusively on Amazon Music.

The Produced By series pairs producers with a collection of some of today‚Äôs top artists across various genres to create exclusive, new recordings for Amazon Music listeners. Green worked on the track with Grammy Award-winning, Memphis-based producer Matt Ross-Spang (Margo Price, Jason Isbell) for the series bringing back the singer’s signature sound to the soul scene.

Together the duo combined bluesy keys, feel good guitar riffs and bass lines, and Green’s smooth, soulful vocals to create a cover that put a rejuvenating spin on the country classic while still managing to maintain its original and vulnerable beauty.

Ross-Spang does a better-than-decent job of replicating the sounds Willie Mitchell provided for Green back in the seventies; if you’d sneaked this into a Green compilation and slapped a 1972 date on it, your friends wouldn’t question it at all. And Al sounds like Al always sounds: like he has the Lord on speed-dial. The VRB0 MP3 is a buck twenty-nine from Amazon, and for now, from nowhere else.

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