Strange search-engine queries (659)

This concept is pretty easy to grasp: several hundred people arrive here each week as a result of something they found while doing a Web search, and a handful of them are reprinted here so you can see how weird they are. No more to it than that.

meredith vieira wearing bakini  “Bakini”? Is this something you’d wear to host a cooking show?

what is a short pier?:  The smallest member of a pier group; you may be invited to take a long walk thereupon.

writers bump relief:  This used to be an annual event, held for the benefit of scribes who’d been run over by a bus. The event was discontinued after some suspicious folk discovered that they were actually being thrown under the bus.

wooing a female audience:  Women are fantastically loyal. Just not to you.

bullet bras:  Very effective if you select the correct caliber.

witnesses see naked women in freudenstadt:  I think we may safely presume they aren’t wearing bullet bras.

what are the difficulties in internet?  Many users at once wanting to see naked women in Freudenstadt.

“sex tube 5” open-toe heels with back seam pantyhose:  On the other hand, it pays to be selective.

“plumper wearing black opaque tights”:  Up to a point, anyway.

mississippi state police amc javelin:  I knew they’d had budget cuts, but I didn’t think they were that bad.

peta exa zetta yotta hella:  This is going to play hell with all the people who still can’t figure out “mega” and “giga.”

she-male comic:  Um, no. She’s trans. And if you don’t like it you can suck her dick.


  1. McGehee »

    17 September 2018 · 11:10 am

    That penultimate item is also part of MIT’s pep rally cheer.

  2. Josh McCormack »

    17 September 2018 · 12:28 pm

    Oh, this was great. Finally a reason for people to look at Google Analytics! I can’t seem to persuade people to look there, so maybe this will help.

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    17 September 2018 · 7:29 pm

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