Quote of the week

The aphorism, says Gagdad Bob, is a sort of skeleton key: a key that has been reduced to its essentials so as to open many locks.

Samples thereof:

If words have no meaning, reality has no content.

If reality were socially constructed, man could never know it.

Liberalism was a fine idea until liberals got ahold of it.

If you’re really serious about eliminating inequality, you’ll abolish freedom and standards.

Without state-mandated discrimination, excellence would run roughshod over mediocrity.

If no culture is superior to another, then you can shut up about diversity.

Diversity is our strength so long as reality isn’t at issue.

Any idiot can survive poverty. The question for our time is whether he can survive affluence.

And any idiot can survive and even thrive in certain types of ignorance. But there is a serious question as to whether civilization can survive so many of its members attending college.

Junk food is designed to hijack certain innate preferences with hyper-palatable stimuli. Likewise, modern education hijacks the natural inclinations of the soul with intensely pleasurable substitutes that lead to spiritual and intellectual malnourishment.

Probably our spiritual decline would have arrived a century earlier had we not been disciplined by economic depression and global conflict.

Affluence is a terrible master. Its obnoxious spawn are entitlement, ingratitude, impatience, and boredom.

Convenience and instant gratification render the existence of time an intolerable imposition.

The ranks of the Resistance are filled with people who can resist anything but an impulse.

Female liberation is mostly a consequence of male technology. You’re welcome.

He’s good at these.


  1. holly »

    18 September 2018 · 8:20 am

    “Female liberation is mostly a consequence of male technology. You’re welcome. ‘

    Um……consider that statement reworked to address slave liberation, or indigenous people’s empowerment. Yeah, that’s my point.

  2. Roger Green »

    19 September 2018 · 5:08 am

    Given the matriarchal nature of early humans, the “liberation” of women is more a RE-liberation. n

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    19 September 2018 · 5:17 am

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