The Gas Game (back again)

Oklahoma Natural Gas is once again offering the Voluntary Fixed-Price Plan, in which you either take your chances with the market, or you pay this random-sounding number. From the flyer announcing this year’s version:

We’ve already bought a portion of our winter natural gas supply at fixed prices, so we know its cost. We’re making that natural gas available to those who wish to enroll … at $3.155 per Dekatherm for the 12-month period beginning November 1, 2018.

Gas bills in these parts comprise a service charge, a franchise fee, and tax, over and above the actual cost of gas, which, under state law, they can’t mark up. During the summer, when my gas use is less than 1 Dth, I expect a bill around $40. But winter is coming, and I’ve seen consumption as high as 0.4 Dth per day. Still, at that level of consumption, a 12-Dth monthly bill at $3.155 per Dth works out to — about seventy bucks. Almost nominal.

The first year of this plan, I should note, the preset price was $8.393 per Dth. I passed it up, and saw spot-market prices as high as $12. Lesson learned.

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