The Yungar Hitler

We are not making this up, and neither is Reuters:

In Peru, Hitler hopes to return to power in a small town in the Andes, despite a threat from a detractor named Lennin.

Campaign slogans reading “Hitler returns” and “Hitler with the people” have appeared around the highland town of Yungar, where local politician Hitler Alba is seeking a new term as mayor.

“I’m the good Hitler,” Alba said on local broadcaster RPP.

Lennin begs to disagree:

Alba’s campaign this year came under attack by Lennin Vladimir Rodriguez Valverde, a resident of a neighboring district who tried to block Alba’s inscription as a candidate.

Electoral authorities rejected the request last week, allowing Hitler to appear on voting cards for the Oct. 7 elections.

Peruvian parents are apparently fond of otherwise WTF names:

Last year an Osama Vinladen was named to Peru’s national juvenile football team.

But of course.


  1. fillyjonk »

    23 September 2018 · 2:43 pm

    I find myself thinking of that old Monty Python bit about the guy who insisted his name was actually “Hilter.”

    I guess in the 2010s, people don’t even pretend any more…

  2. hollyh »

    24 September 2018 · 1:51 pm

    One can understand parents giving out names like “Jesus” and “Muhammed”. But Hilter? What next, “Stalin Jones” or “Chairman Mao Smith”? Surely he must’ve assumed it for publicity.

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