Strange search-engine queries (660)

On the off-chance that you haven’t seen this feature before, it’s rather easily explained: people look for stuff on the Web, and should they wind up here, this is the sort of stuff they’re looking for.

in this clip, we see 3-week-old colin trying to hold his head up. if he is like most babies, he will:  Fall right over, and you’ll never make a dime from YouTube.

virgin socially inept:  Well, it’s not unheard of, exactly.

facelift for a ranch style home:  You don’t want it the color of ranch style dressing. Trust me on this.

coweta ga home for sale repairable:  You can paint right over that ranch-dressing look.

“”nancy pelosi” laugh “wav file””:  Get her to contemplate some of the House Republicans. She’ll laugh for days.

“airwaves “7-11″ wad gum chewed”:  You chew enough of it and yes, you do wind up with a wad.

naked flower review:  Got some nice pistils over there.

uncopiable cd rom:  Hang on, I’ve got a copy right here.

where to buy the fertilizer rock dust in the state of mississippi?  Try your nearest feed store.

buy vibrator for her hattiesburg ms:  Don’t try your local feed store.

hef sleeps:  He had to eventually.

men dating intellectual women:  It’s a swell idea — except for Hef. Put him right to sleep, she did.

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