Foresti primeval

From last week: “In 2006, actress Florence Foresti played Mme [Ségolène] Royal as an unrepentant sexpot on the talk show On n’est pas couché (“We are not lying”).”

Florence Foresti as Segolene Royal

Foresti, then thirty-two, was considered an Up and Coming comedian in those days, and while she’s never become a superstar, she’s close enough to a household word to merit some further mention here.

Florence Foresti is slightly ruffled

Florence Foresti is very clean

Florence Foresti is weirdly shod

From 2009 to 2011 she did a show with the unlikely title MotherFucker, a title she says she stole from Madonna.

And here’s that infamous talk-show appearance we mentioned at the top:

Yes, that’s a weird set.

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